Meet our Women Power

Meet our Women Power

In this month dedicated to celebrating International Women's Day, we are pleased to highlight the 12 extraordinary women whose works enrich our platform.

Hailing from different corners of the African continent, these artists not only reflect Africa's rich cultural landscape, but also demonstrate women's strength, resilience and innovation on the contemporary art scene.

Akissi Beukman, South Africa

From Pretoria, Akissi Beukman is a multifaceted artist known for her performances, experimental sound art and paintings. A graduate of Rhodes University, her art explores performativity, spiritual healing and the impact of gender and racial politics on her own existence. Her challenging works have been featured at the Sasol New Signatures festival and in the "Home Is Where the Art Is" exhibition at ZEITZ MOCAA.


Armanda Alves, Angola

Armanda Alves, who now lives in Portugal, started painting for pleasure and quickly evolved into a passionate artist with an abstract and eclectic style. She is known for her unique finger-painting technique, creating works that are described as rebellious and full of tenderness.


Emília Morais, Angola

Born in Uíge, Emília Morais travelled an academic path in the visual arts in both Angola and Portugal. Recognised for her solo and group exhibitions in various countries, her work captures the essence of human and cultural experiences, winning awards and recognition for her distinctive talent.


Erika Jâmece, Angola

Known as the Queen of Hongolo, Erika Jâmece mixes fantasy, lots of colour, creative freedom and African roots in her art. Her own technique, developed outside conventional canons, reflects her spirituality and connection with the traditions of her people.


Ghaida Ashraf, Egypt

The young Egyptian artist Ghaida Ashraf, from Alexandria, creates works that reflect on the evolution of life before humanity. A graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Alexandria, her art explores geometric shapes transformed into organic and dynamic compositions, inviting reflection on the connectedness of all creation.


Isabel de Sousa, Angola

Isabel Teixeira de Sousa, with a degree in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon, uses her art to explore the deep connection with the Earth. Her recent works are telluric landscapes where abstract forms and decontextualised objects meet, inviting the viewer on a journey of inner discovery.


Janet Adebayo, Nigeria

Janet Adenike Adebayo, from Lagos, transforms her personal experiences with domestic abuse into a powerful form of artistic expression. Her work, which focuses on men as case studies, offers ideal settings for telling stories of pain and resilience, bringing people together through art.


Joana Solla, Angola

Joana Solla, a multifaceted artist from Angola, rediscovered her passion for art through a spiritual journey. Her works are a reflection of her inner journey, exploring different mediums to express her creativity and connection with the world.


Joyce Jazz, Angola

From an early age, Joyce Jazz was introduced to painting by her father, Paulo Jazz. Her style is marked by Cubism, but she is open to exploring various other styles and mediums, including ceramics. Joyce is a multi-faceted artist, with a love of photography and music also having a profound influence on her creative process.


Nadia Wamunyu, Kenya

Nadia Wamunyu is a visual artist and gallery owner from Nairobi whose art captures life in all its diversity. Despite facing hearing challenges from a young age, she found art as a means of expression and inspiration, receiving guidance from renowned Kenyan painter Patrick Mukabi.


Sarah Tantawy, Egypt

Young Egyptian painter Sarah Tantawy uses her art to explore the complexities of human emotions, with a special focus on the experiences of women. Her works, which depict feelings of loss and loneliness, seek to bring to light the challenges faced by women around the world.


Sherin Elbaroudi, Egypt

Sherin Elbaroudi is an Egyptian artist recognised for her integration of geography with contemporary painting and drawing techniques. Her work reflects deep human values and experiences, offering a journey of reflection on the essence of life.


These 12 extraordinary women bring their unique voices to the contemporary art scene, enriching our platform and the art world with their distinct and innovative perspectives. By celebrating their achievements, we join together in promoting a more inclusive and diverse artistic environment, where women's voices are heard, respected and celebrated.

Explore the stories, dreams and visions that shape contemporary African art through women's perspectives on our platform.


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