Ghaida Ashraf


"Ghaida considers her body of work to be a personal reflection on the development of life among primitive organisms such as cells; plants, and animals before the humanity existed."


Ghaida Ashraf

Ghaida Ashraf was born in 1994 and lives and works in Alexandria.

She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts from Alexandria University in 2017. Ghaida's graduation project was hosted by L'Atelier D'Alexandrie In 2016. The artist has also joined a year-long educational program at MASS Alexandria academy under the supervision of artist Wael Shawky, where she participated in the MASS exhibition and their 27th annual Youth Salon.

In the course of her studies she participated in various exhibitions locally and internationally. Also after her graduation Ghaida has participated in several group exhibitions.

Ghaida considers her body of work as a personal reflection on the development of life among primitive organisms, such as cells, plants and animals, before humanity existed. Her process began with simple geometry and static shapes, and as she layered the different forms, they are gradually transformed into organic and dynamic colour formations. Similar to a continuum, each stage feeds off the one that precedes it.

Ghaida's work developed without the constraints of time and place. She implores change in the evolution of life, as she believes that all creation is connected. From spontaneous experiences, Ghaida gave birth to her mythical interpretation of the origins of animals, plants and the evolution of life, and she knows it well.


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