Why Sell With Us

The Afrikanizm Art Platform is the platform that will give you the opportunity to make your works known to a global community of African art lovers and collectors.

To enter you will not need to pay any entry or maintenance fee, each sale will convert into 75% profit for you and we do not want exclusivity.

Afrikanizm is concerned with making the works of each artist available and publicizing, while the artist's concern is to ensure that the works are sent to the final customer, with the logistics, as well as the costs of packaging materials, being borne by the same.

Payments are secure via bank transfer to ensure our artists and clients are financially protected with every sale.

Join us and support African Art!

Any questions, please contact us.
We will be happy to answer your questions and welcome you with open arms to our family!

From Africa to the World, Afrikanizm Art Platform


Find out more about how we work in a guide prepared especially for you

Artist's Guide