At Afrikanizm Art, we offer a range of free art consultancy services tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals, companies, and trade professionals, as well as those seeking commissioned artwork. Our expert advisors are here to guide you through the vibrant world of art and culture.


Our individual art advisory services are designed to cater to your personal tastes and preferences. Whether you're an art enthusiast, a budding collector, or simply seeking to enhance your living space, our advisors can help you discover the perfect piece that resonates with your style and aspirations.

Start Your Project


Your dedicated art consultant will establish a personalized connection, understanding your unique interests and style.


Delve into a curated selection of contemporary artworks, thoughtfully chosen to align with your preferences.

Curate Your Collection

Build a collection of art pieces that perfectly resonate with your individual
taste and style


Companies looking to infuse creativity and culture into their workspace or enhance their corporate image can benefit from our art advisory services. Our advisors will help you select artwork that aligns with your brand identity and corporate values, creating a visually stimulating environment that inspires employees and impresses clients.

Start Your Project


Partner with a dedicated art consultant who collaborates with your company to grasp its values and objectives.


Navigate through art options customized to complement your corporate branding and workspace aesthetics.

Transform Your Office

Transform your Office environment into an inspiring space with carefully selected artworks that enhance your company's culture.


Trade professionals, such as interior designers, architects, and art dealers, can leverage our consultancy to access a curated collection of contemporary African art. Collaborate with our advisors to source artwork that complements your design projects or galleries.

Start Your Project


With a dedicated art consultant to discuss your project's unique requirements and artistic vision.


A handpicked collection of contemporary African art, curated to enrich your design projects.

Elevate Your Creations

Elevate your design projects by accessing expert insights and seamless art integration to create visually striking spaces.


For those seeking to bring their artistic vision to life, our commissioned art consultancy service connects you with talented artists who can translate your ideas into bespoke creations. Whether's a personal masterpiece or an artwork for a specific project, our advisors will guide you through the commissioning process, ensuring your vision is realized with precision and creativity.

Start Your Project


Closely with your dedicated art consultant, who will work with you to understand your artistic vision.


And commission bespoke artworks from talented artists, bringing your creative concepts to life.

Realize Your Artistic Vision

By commissioning unique, tailor-made artworks that reflect your individual style and creative ideas.



Our advisor to discuss your project via email or on a call

Artwork Selection and Personalization

You receive curated portfolio of artwork options, including trade pricing or will connect you with talented artists

Coordination and Support

Throughout the entire journey, our art consultant is available to address any questions, provide guidance and offer support.


Inês Florindo

Inês Florindo is a multifaceted professional who perfectly combines the roles of artist, curator, art dealer and specialist in art preservation and restoration.

Driven by a passion for cultural diversity and a deep admiration for Africa's vibrant art scene, Inês discovered her vocation in contemporary African art.

As curator of the Afrikanizm Art Platform, Inês enriches projects with her experience and unique artistic vision.

Offering private consultancy services, Inês guides clients with her keen eye and in-depth knowledge of contemporary African art, enabling meaningful artistic experiences and acquisitions.


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