We're more than just an online platform.
We're a dynamic bridge connecting artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts to the heart of African creativity. Our mission is simple yet profound: to celebrate, empower, and elevate contemporary African art on a global stage.

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Art - Afrikanizm
Art - Afrikanizm

Our Mission

Through Afrikanizm Art, we seek to address a multitude of needs within the art community, from promoting African artists and their work to providing art lovers with access to authentic and original African art. We believe in the power of art to transcend borders, foster cultural exchange, and enrich our lives with beauty, meaning, and cultural depth. Join us on a journey that celebrates the past, present, and future of African art, where every stroke of the brush, every photograph, and every digital creation tells a story—a story that resonates with culture, identity, and the shared human experience.

How we Curated

At Afrikanizm, we take pride in curating exceptional artistry that celebrates the diverse talents of contemporary African artists. Our dedicated team meticulously hand-picks artists, ensuring that each one is a testament to talent, professionalism, and dedication to their craft. We believe in the power of art to inspire, provoke, and captivate, and our curated selection reflects this belief.

Embracing Emerging and Established Artists

Our commitment to art extends to both emerging and established artists. We recognize that talent knows no boundaries, and we're passionate about showcasing the full spectrum of creativity that Africa has to offer. By featuring both emerging and established artists, we provide a platform for burgeoning talents to shine while honoring the accomplishments of seasoned professionals.

A Confidence-Building Experience

We understand that acquiring art is not just about owning a piece but also about the experience and the connection it fosters. That's why we curate with care and attention, ensuring that every artist and their works meet our stringent standards. When you explore our curated collection, you can do so with confidence, knowing that each piece has been thoughtfully selected to enhance your appreciation of contemporary African art.

A Commitment to Your Art Journey

Whether you're a seasoned collector or a first-time art enthusiast, we're here to guide you. Our curatorial expertise helps you navigate the world of contemporary African art, making your exploration both enjoyable and enriching. We're not just curating art; we're curating your artistic journey.

Art - Afrikanizm


At Afrikanizm, our team is the heart and soul of our commitment to exceptional contemporary African art. We're here to provide you with an art experience that's not just memorable but transformative. Allow us to introduce the individuals who drive our passion for art:

João Boavida
Founder of Afrikanizm Art

João Boavida is the visionary founder behind Afrikanizm Art. With a deep appreciation for the arts and a commitment to showcasing the beauty of contemporary African art, João's dedication is the driving force behind our platform.

His leadership and passion have led us on a journey to celebrate African creativity.

Art - Afrikanizm
Laura Leal
Co-founder of Afrikanizm Art

Co-founder of Afrikanizm Art and Head of Artist Relations Laura Leal is the co-founder of Afrikanizm Art and the driving force behind our artist relations. Her role is to ensure that the artists we feature are not just talented but also nurtured and supported.

With Laura's guidance, we build strong relationships with artists, helping them thrive in the global art landscape.

Inês Florindo

Inês Florindo brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Afrikanizm as our curator.

With a background in art curation and restoration, Inês plays a pivotal role in selecting and showcasing the best contemporary African artworks.

Her discerning eye ensures that every piece we feature is a masterpiece in its own right.