Isabel de Sousa


"The earth element is my great inspiration. "


Isabel de Sousa

Isabel Teixeira de Sousa, born in September 1955 in Lubango, Angola, is a distinguished visual artist. She earned her degree in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon, Portugal.

Throughout her illustrious career, Isabel has been recognized for her exceptional contributions to the world of art. Her portfolio includes a rich tapestry of individual and collective exhibitions that have spanned across various countries. Her artwork has found its way into both private and public collections, cementing her reputation as a revered artist.

In her most recent works, Isabel Teixeira de Sousa explores a profound connection with the Earth. Her art becomes a telluric landscape, a canvas where unexpected encounters manifest through abstract forms and seemingly decontextualized objects. This artistic exploration invites viewers to engage with the depths of her creative expression.

Individual Exhibitions:
2016 - Palace of Egypt / Art Gallery, Oeiras, Portugal;
2005 and 2000 - Iosefhus Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal; 
2004 - Antas Gallery, Oporto, Portugal; 
2002 and 2001 - Ofícios do Tempo Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal;
2001 - Gallery Ofícios do Tempo, Lisbon, Portugal;
1999 - Iosephus Gallery, Lisbon / Museu do Traje, Lisbon, Portugal;
1998  - "Anunciação das Vestes", Inqvisição Gallery, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal; "As Vestes", Gallery Inqvisição, Setúbal, Portugal; "As Vestes", Inqvisição Gallery, C.C.Colombo, Lisbon, Portugal;
1997 - " As Vestes", Alvarez Gallery, Oporto, Portugal;

Mentioned in:
"Esperanças Plásticas Portuguesas " by Manuela Synek e Brás de Queirós;  "Aspects of Plastic Arts in Portugal"; "Plastic Arts - Portugal" by Fernando Infante; "Young Art-Painting" by Narcizo Martins; Published by the Art Gallery of the Casino Estoril; "Women in Arts" - Arts Council of Great Britain; "Guide de L'Art Africain Contemporain", 2 ème Edition; "Yearbook of Plastic Arts". 


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