Armanda Alves


"painting is a joy, I love the energy that flows into the canvas and the play of colors. "


Armanda Alves

Armanda Alves is an Angolan artist who has been living in Portugal for several years. She started painting for pleasure, mostly for herself and her friends. However, in May 2008, she had her first exhibition at the Celamar Gallery in Luanda, which turned out to be a very rewarding experience for her. It gave her a new perspective and a greater passion for art.

For Armanda, painting is a joy, as she loves the energy that flows onto the canvas and the play of colors. As a self-taught artist, she has explored various techniques and is in constant discovery and growth, always seeking new ways to express herself.

One of her unique techniques is painting on canvas using only her fingers, without any brushes. She is currently in a phase of maturity with her technique, defining a guiding line for her artistic work. Armanda's paintings have a markedly abstract and eclectic style, whether in form, technique, or medium. Her works offer perfect delight through light, color, and language, which are as serene as they are poetic.

Alfredo Luz, a fellow artist, describes Armanda's paintings as rebellious, not conforming to existing norms, and full of tenderness. Her works contain a map of desire, as if projecting a spell on the viewer. Armanda Alves is a passionate artist who expresses herself through her paintings, and her works are a true reflection of her heart and soul.


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