Janet Adebayo


"Janet’s paintings are an amalgamation of mixed media that tell important stories, she is able to unearth raw emotions, provoking human thought whilst encouraging love and unity."


Janet Adebayo

Janet Adenike Adebayo is a Nigerian artist born and raised in Lagos. Her unique approach to art is deeply rooted in her personal experiences with domestic abuse, both as a witness and a victim. Janet has found solace in her paintings, using them as an escape and coping mechanism, while also using her art to raise awareness and help others facing similar situations.

Drawing inspiration from her past, Janet's art focuses on men as case studies, exploring issues related to family, relationships, and masculinity. Through her paintings, she creates ideal scenarios for herself and others facing similar predicaments, telling stories of the past and present through an amalgamation of mixed media.

Janet's paintings are a powerful expression of raw emotions, provoking thought and encouraging love and unity. Her art is a journey of self-awareness and confidence, with each piece telling an important story that transcends boundaries and cultures.

Despite the traumatic experiences that have shaped her art, Janet is a beacon of hope and inspiration to others. She has used her pain to fuel her creativity and raise awareness about issues that are often hidden and ignored. Her work is a testament to the power of art to heal, transform, and unite people from all walks of life.

Today, Janet is a celebrated artist, with her work exhibited in galleries and art shows both in Nigeria and internationally. Her dedication to her craft and her commitment to making a difference through her art make her a true trailblazer in the world of art.

Spectrum: A group exhibition mapped across a multi-disciplinary offering of works, August 2022;
Contemplation: In Celebration of Women’s History Month by Yenwa Gallery, April 2022;
HER VIM Exhibitions by Kakaaki Gallery, June 2021;
Project 40 Charity Art Exhibition: Contribution of Plein air paintings to benefit children with disabilities and Down Syndrome, May 8, 2021;
Shaping the Figural Gaze on Kunstmatrix, May to August 2021;
Open Art exchange: Female online exhibition on show in Schiedam, April 2021; 
A mini-Art Exhibition on The Television Channel (TVC), April 2021;
Art love Expo exhibition, 2019. 

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