Joana Solla


"Joana is an innovative and dynamic artist who embraces the power of art as a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness."


Joana Solla

Joana, a multifaceted Angolan artist, has always been captivated by the world of art and design. From an early age, her passion for handicrafts was evident, as she found solace and joy in the act of creating. Years later, Joana embarked on a spiritual journey that rekindled her innate creativity.

She began by creating small pieces of art, each one a step towards her true passion. Her artistic expressions evolved, moving into the realms of writing and poetry, as she sought to capture her evolving inner landscape. The canvas became her sanctuary, a space to explore, understand and express herself. Every brushstroke, every colour, every texture is a testimony to his journey - from the world of numbers and finance to the land of colour and creativity.


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