Joyce Jazz


"Music, in particular, serves as the soundtrack to my creative process, inspiring me as I bring my surroundings to life on canvas."


Joyce Jazz

Joyce Jazz, born in Luanda in 1997, is a talented artist whose artistic journey began at a remarkably young age. At just three years old, she was introduced to the world of painting, inspired and guided by her father, Paulo Jazz, who continues to serve as her mentor and teacher. Joyce's artistic style is characterized by Cubism, although she possesses a keen willingness to explore various other artistic styles and mediums, including ceramics, for which she pursued formal training.

Joyce's creative world extends beyond the realm of visual art. She has a deep love for photography, music, and communication. Music, in particular, serves as the soundtrack to her creative process, inspiring her as she brings her surroundings to life on canvas.

In 2019, Joyce Jazz had the prestigious opportunity to participate in the Universal Exhibition titled "Beyond The Veil Women's Art," a tribute to the eighth anniversary of the Venice Biennale. Through this exhibition, she represented Angola on an international stage, showcasing her work in countries like France, Poland, and the United States. As a result of her talent and dedication, Joyce's art has garnered recognition and a global following, with her works being celebrated and collected in China, the USA, France, Portugal, and England.

Beyond her role as a visual artist, Joyce is also a dedicated student and a prominent YouTuber in Angola, using her platform to share her artistic journey and insights with a wide and appreciative audience.


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