27 de Outubro – 12 de Novembro
Luanda, Angola


Enter a world where art merges perfectly with the various forms of creative expression, eliminating the boundaries between tradition and innovation.

In this 2nd chapter, we bring you a fusion of artistic media. Sculpture, made from a mixture of modern and recycled materials, invites you to immerse yourself in art through tactile experiences. At the same time, photography, with its lens, captures the beauty and sensuality of women, while serving as a tool for delving into the essence of democracy and revealing its true meaning.

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African women

Bolondo Paulo Formiga

About this Room

An exhibition that celebrates African women as a source of artistic inspiration and as the focal point of the works on display. This room presents a captivating collection of portraits, which portray the enduring fascination and evolving roles of African women throughout history.

About this Room

Enter a world full of colour and satire. This room combines impressive paintings that delve into African traditions and daily life in Angola with innovative sculptures made from recycled materials. Explore a vivid narrative that is as stimulating as it is visually appealing.

About this Room

In this room, photography merges with other elements to shed light on issues of false justice and democracy. The works reveal hidden truths that offer a stimulating perspective on the less visible layers of society.

The Chair Collection

Roberto Medina

About this Room

The Chair Collection is a project that mixes elements of photography, digital manipulation and the use of materials such as crackle paste, water-based glue and acrylic paint in some of the works, which provide a unique texture to the photographs. This collection is notable for its "Nude Photography" approach, which features artistic images with partial nudity or accessories. They all share a characteristic visual element: a chair (The Chair).

About this Room

Enter a room where neo-expressionism, painting and illustrations come together to create a multifaceted reflection of Angolan society. Each canvas deals with themes such as hunger, the future and the experiences of emigrants, who collectively echo the challenges and aspirations of the nation.