Evan Cláver


"His art is peculiar for its use of doodles/stencil's to portray the dynamics, chaos and movement characteristic of urban life."


Evan Cláver

Evandro Cláver Nobre da Costa, also known as Evan Cláver, was born in Luanda in 1987. He is a self-taught artist who discovered his passion for drawing at an early age. While he studied film and cinematography, his true artistic calling led him down a different path.

Evan Cláver's art is distinguished by his use of doodles and stencils to capture the energy, chaos, and movement that define urban life. He assumes a detached perspective, using lines to construct a vivid portrayal of the frenetic reality he encounters daily.

His art primarily delves into political and social satire, challenging the authenticity of media and the passivity of observers. Evan creates a theatrical realm in which images serve as seductive weapons of expression.

In Angola, Evan Cláver is a renowned artist, having participated in numerous national and international exhibitions. Some notable exhibitions and events he's been part of include the 1st Luanda Triennial, Sindika Dokolo Foundation's "Dipandapara Sempre" in 2004, Fuckin' Globo in Luanda in 2016, AMREF HEALTH AFRICA ARTBALL in New York in 2017, and United Nations Headquarters in Brazil in 2017. His artworks have found homes in various private collections.

2021 - Folk Tales - Camões Cultural Centre;

2021 - “Boa noite às coisas aqui em baixo (Good Night To Things Down Here)" - Tamar Golan Gallery;

2018 - Showroom, Collective Exhibition, Headquarters of the Economic Bank;

Interior Design (G80, Infinitus, Thomson Art house...);

2017 - AMREF Health Africa Artball, New York;

2017 - United Nations Headquarters, Brazil;

2017 - Paolo Gentilani, private collection, ENI, Luanda;

2016 - Jaango, 5th Edition, "Artists' Workshop", Luanda;

2016 and 2020 - "Fuckin' Globo", Luanda;

2004 - 1st Luanda Triennial, Sindika Dokolo Foundation, "Dipanda Forever";

2003 - Lusíada University “Notas sobre aqui (Notes on here)", Luanda.


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