Wilson Belas


"From iron sheets to banknotes, I develop unique works that refer to my childhood memories."


Wilson Belas

Wilson de Oliveira Belas, born on March 29, 1993, in Luanda, is an artist whose journey into the world of painting began to unfold at a young age, revealing a natural and self-driven talent.

At the age of 10, Wilson's artistic inclinations started to manifest, and he embarked on a path of self-discovery as an artist. His early artistic endeavors were characterized by his status as a self-taught artist, a testament to his innate creativity and dedication.

Wilson's artistic journey took a significant turn when he had the opportunity to work alongside the renowned Angolan artist, Nelo Teixeira. Under Nelo Teixeira's mentorship, he gained valuable insights into the transformation of found and discarded materials into art. Objects such as plates, iron, and plastic took on new life through his creative process.

Subsequently, Wilson received a compelling invitation to collaborate with the accomplished plastic artist, Antônio Ole, an association that continues to this day. Working alongside Antônio Ole provided Wilson with a deeper understanding of contemporary art and the development of his distinctive artistic style.

Throughout his artistic career, Wilson actively participated in various projects as an assistant, including notable endeavors such as "Observatory of the Senses," "Kaluanda Spirit," "Venice Biennale," and "50 Years of Career." These experiences further enriched his artistic perspective and contributed to his growth as an artist, solidifying his presence in the world of contemporary art.


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