Walter Fernandes


"If everyone could choose a set of colours and express themselves on a canvas, we would know a little more, in depth, about each and every one of us."


Walter Fernandes

Walter Divandre Mesquita Fernandes, a native of Huíla, Angola, entered this world in December 1989 with an innate connection to art. His artistic journey commenced at the tender age of 5, where a burgeoning passion for painting began to take root.

Walter's artistic inclinations were so pronounced that they occasionally led to his expulsion from the classroom during his high school years. Teachers often found him engrossed in drawing, although it later became evident that his artistic pursuits did not come at the expense of his attentiveness to the lessons. In fact, when put to the test, Walter demonstrated his capacity to excel in academics with distinction.

In 2012, a pivotal year in his life, Walter embarked on a journey of self-discovery. It was during this period that he came to a profound realization that human existence encompasses more than just the physical and psychological aspects; it embodies the essence of light itself. This newfound perspective would go on to shape his artistic identity.

For Walter, art serves as the quintessential medium through which he discovers himself and transforms his surroundings into expressions of artistry. Although his artistic journey formally began in 2019, it marked the moment when he transitioned into a phase of creating and sharing his works with the world, cultivating his unique voice in the realm of art.


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