Røberto Medina




Røberto Medina

Røberto Medina is a versatile artist born in Luanda, Angola, on 20 June 1972. At the age of 51, his artistic journey began at an early age. At the age of 11, he left Angola and lived in Portugal and the UK, where his passion for art flourished.

Medina is known for his skills in various artistic areas. As a musician, composer and producer, also known as Beto Medina, he immersed himself in soul-jazz-funk and international rhythms. His passion for photography emerged years later, while his creativity also flourished as a video director.

In 2021, Røberto made the decision to return to his hometown of Luanda. His artistic journey is a fusion of diverse cultural influences, reflected in both his visual and musical creations.


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