Don Sebas Cassule


"My artistic practice is very experimental. I look for, seek, mix and connect situations to work with different languages and materials on different supports, always based on drawing."


Don Sebas Cassule

Sebastião Joaquim N'debela Cassule was born in Camabatela-Ambaca, Kwanza Norte province, Angola, on March 12, 1968.

He is a member of the National Union of Angolan Plastic Artists (UNAP) and of the International Association of Plastic Arts “L'Aigle de Nice”.

The artist participated in more than 60 exhibitions in Angola, China, the United States of America, France, Cape Verde, South Korea, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The most significant are: the two editions of the Luanda Triennale in 2007 and 2010; and the nine editions of Coopearte, Galeria Celamar; at the 7th and 8th Biennale of Contemporary Art in Florence, in 2009 and 2011 respectively.

His motivation and inspiration, as an artist, is based on the need to reveal the archives of his memory and show how it is possible to enrich human life and the entire universe that surrounds us, through the affective values of diversity and inclusion, using memory, imagination and a transculturation, always seeking to make a historical contextualization about people, the spirituality, the environments, the moments, the places, the events and the objects. During its process of creation and construction of works, it collects information and researches diverse and varied sources.

Currently he is studying the Visual Arts profile at the Instituto Superior de Artes (ISART) in Luanda, Angola.

2007 and 2010 - Luanda Triennial;

2009 and 2011 - 7th and 8th Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art, respectively;

2019 - National Culture and Arts Award, plastic and visual arts modality;

2019 - Memories of journeys, geographies of affections, Portuguese Cultural Centre;

2018 - Nine moments of gestation of ideas, MAAN;

2017 - Dialogues, Characters, Territories and Situations, ELA Space Luanda, Angola;

2017 - French Merit and Dedication Award by the National Association of Merit and Dedication of France at the International Grand Prix of Plastic Arts, L'Aigle de Nice in Nice. He was awarded the second prize at the same event (Prix 5ème Conseil Regional PACA "Ville de Roubion");

2015 - The Proverbial Singularity of Imbondeiro, Portuguese Cultural Centre;

2012 - Trabalho Trabalho vs Cri$e - Cri$es vs Work, Centro Cultural Português;

2007 - Retrospective Exhibition, Siexpo-Salão Internacional de Exposiçõs de Arte;

2003 - Back to the origins, Siexpo - International Art Exhibition Hall;

2001 - A Mulembeira há-de florir, Le Bistrot Gallery; 1999 - Luz e Transparências, Centro Cultural Português;

1998 - We are those who are expected, Vila Espa;

1998 - 2nd Prize L' Invité d'Honneur Alexis MORI;

1997 - Awakening, President Meridien Hotel;

1994 - Tones, Scratches and Charms, Hotel Trópico.

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