Paulo Formiga


"I've been doing art since I was a child. I'm a self-taught artist, I live and breathe art."


Paulo Formiga

Paulo Formiga, an Angolan national from Uíge Province, has been a passionate, self-taught artist since childhood. Art is more than a vocation for him, it's an intrinsic part of his life, a passion that drives him every day.

His love of art began to blossom from an early age, and over the years he has cultivated and developed his talent on his own.

Paulo Formiga lives and breathes art, and his creativity is evident in every piece he produces. His work is a fusion of inspiration, culture and personal experience, and he has the gift of conveying emotions and telling stories through his art.

Through unique colors, shapes and techniques, Paulo Formiga captures the essence of Angolan life and culture. He is a visual storyteller who uses his art to share the traditions, beauty and richness of his home country.


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