Alcides Malaika


"I found in painting the right way to survive and to fix my pain."


Alcides Malaika

Alcides Malaika, born on 1 January 1993 in Luanda, is a self-taught artist with a remarkable career. His passion for art was ignited at an early age, when he started drawing at just two years old, sketching vivid images of himself. Growing up, he faced the challenges of life on the streets of Luanda, where he spent most of his childhood. Despite the difficulties, Alcides continued to cultivate his artistic talent, taking every opportunity to create art.

Alcides' life took a turn when he discovered the Padre Horácio Reception Centre, where he met other children who shared his passion for art. Here, he became part of the Meninos Pintores de Angola group, a creative initiative founded by Eliane and Renata. In this welcoming environment, Alcides found hope and inspiration, as well as the opportunity to develop his artistic skills.

For Alcides, painting was not just a form of creative expression, but a means of survival and healing, allowing him to transcend his painful past.

Today, Alcides Malaika's art is a testament to his resilience and the transformative power of creativity. Through his unique talent and unwavering spirit, he has emerged as an artist who uses his work to convey profound messages and touch the hearts of those who encounter his art.


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