Godiva Omoruyi


"Godiva's artworks show the beauty of self-identity, self-love, peace and conflict, and the social subject."


Godiva Omoruyi

Godiva Omoruyi, born in 1999 in Lagos, Nigeria, is a multi-talented artist specializing in portrait photography, digital art, and inspirational filmmaking. He is the visionary founder and creative director behind 4THFINGER STUDIOS.

In 2016, after completing his studies in Ghana, Godiva returned to Lagos and embarked on a journey of self-improvement. He enrolled at the Women Development Center (WDC) in Agege, Lagos, Nigeria, where he dedicated himself to mastering the crafts of graphic design and photography. Today, he seamlessly integrates the knowledge and skills he acquired in both fields to craft his exceptional artworks.

Godiva's artistry serves as a canvas to showcase themes related to self-identity, self-love, peace, conflict, and poignant social issues. Through his creative expressions, he captures the essence of these profound aspects of the human experience.


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