Brands with Art: Rómulo Santa Rita and the Cosal Group

Brands with Art: Rómulo Santa Rita and the Cosal Group

On the vibrant African contemporary art scene, collaborations between artists and brands have become a powerful way of telling stories and creating meaningful connections. One notable example is the partnership between renowned Angolan artist Rómulo Santa Rita and the Cosal Group, which resulted in the creation of the cover for the book "Superbrands Angola 2023".

The Vision Behind the Work

The work of art designed by Rómulo Santa Rita for the Cosal Group is a representation of the company's strategic vision and evolution over the years. With the combined use of mixed techniques, Santa Rita managed to capture the essence of the Cosal Group in a unique and innovative way.


Techniques used

The piece is a combination of various techniques including collage, painting on cardboard and the incorporation of catalogues and pamphlets from the group's last decade of work. This mixed approach not only enriches the texture and depth of the work, but also creates a tangible link to the company's history.

Capturing the Essence of the Cosal Group

Through this unique approach, Rómulo Santa Rita has managed to capture the essence and evolution of the Cosal Group. The work not only illustrates the company's trajectory, but also celebrates its achievements and the innovative spirit that defines it. Each element of the piece has been carefully chosen to reflect key aspects of the group's strategic vision.

The catalogues and pamphlets incorporated into the collage represent the important milestones and achievements over the years. They are a form of visual narrative that documents the Cosal Group's progress and victories.

The combination of mixed techniques symbolises the company's innovative and creative approach. Just as Santa Rita's art challenges conventions and explores new frontiers, the Cosal Group also constantly seeks to innovate and expand its operations.


The "Superbrands Angola 2023" Book Cover

The artwork was created to be the cover of the book "Superbrands Angola 2023". 

The cover is a dynamic mosaic of visual elements that include logos, vehicles and other symbols associated with the Cosal Group. These elements are interwoven to form a cohesive composition that reflects the company's diversity and robustness.

The work conveys a message of innovation and progress. The combination of historical and contemporary elements reflects the Cosal Group's ability to adapt and grow over time, while remaining true to its roots and values.


The Cosal Group: A Success Story

Founded in 1967 in Huambo, the Cosal Group is today one of Angola's largest private groups, excelling in the automotive, hotel, construction and insurance sectors. With a presence in 90 per cent of Angola's territory, Cosal services the brands it represents, including Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Fuso, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Isuzu, Subaru, Yamaha, JAC, UM, Hyundai Xitesolution CO. and Castrol.

Impact of the collaboration

This collaboration between Rómulo Santa Rita and the Cosal Group is a perfect example of how art can be used to tell corporate stories in an engaging and meaningful way. The artwork created for the cover of the book "Superbrands Angola 2023" is not just a visual representation; it is a celebration of the synergy between art and business, showing how both can complement and enrich each other.

By highlighting partnerships like this, our platform seeks not only to promote contemporary African art, but also to inspire other brands to explore collaborations with talented artists. Through these initiatives, we believe it is possible to create a bridge between the business world and artistic creativity, bringing mutual benefits and invaluable cultural value.


The partnership between Rómulo Santa Rita and the Cosal Group is testimony to the power of art to convey corporate stories in a unique and memorable way. Through a combination of mixed techniques and an innovative approach, Santa Rita was able to capture the essence and evolution of the Cosal Group, resulting in a work of art that not only embellishes the cover of the "Superbrands Angola 2023" book, but also serves as a visual celebration of the company's achievements and innovative spirit.


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