Art with Impact: Study visit to the Afro Renaissance exhibition

Art with Impact: Study visit to the Afro Renaissance exhibition

As part of our "Art with Impact" series, we explore how art can transform perspectives and foster meaningful dialogue. During the "Afro Renaissance" exhibition at Quinta da Fidalga, we had the joy of receiving guided tours from various institutions. One visit in particular stands out: a school that brought three classes - two pre-schoolers and a third grader.


The Study Visit

The curiosity and engagement of these young minds was inspiring as they explored the themes of identity and culture through the works of art. This visit highlighted the powerful role that art plays in education by promoting meaningful discussions about cultural identity among the next generation.

The children, aged between 3 and 12, had the opportunity to interact with the artworks and learn about the diversity of African cultures. The explanations were adapted to be clear and understandable for the ages present, addressing complex themes in a playful and educational way.

During the visit, important social issues such as respect for other cultures and even politics were discussed, always in a way that was accessible and suitable for children. This kind of interaction helps mold children's understanding of the world around them and the importance of diversity.


The Impact on Education

The school's visit to the "Afro Renaissance" exhibition was a perfect example of how art can be a powerful tool in education. Through the exhibition, the children not only learnt about African history and culture, but also developed a greater respect and understanding for other cultures.

By exposing the children to diverse forms of cultural expression, we help develop their cultural competence, an essential skill in today's globalised world. The discussions generated by the exhibition encouraged the children to think critically about the themes presented, fostering an active and reflective learning environment.


This study visit clearly demonstrated the positive impact that art can have on education and the promotion of social change. In "Afro Renaissance", we not only presented the richness of contemporary African art, but also created a space for meaningful dialogue and learning.

Keep an eye out for our "Art with Impact" series for more stories about how art can transform perspectives and encourage dialogue. Through these initiatives, we hope to continue to inspire and educate, showing the transformative power of art in society.


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