D Leopold Segueda

Burkina Faso

"Tintin is the main element and serves as the leading thread in my works. We are in the heart of Burkina Faso. "


D Leopold Segueda

Agnang-ne-wende Leopold Segueda, is an artist whose vibrant journey began on August 11, 1979, in the cultural heart of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Leopold's artistic talents began to bloom at a tender age. Even in primary school, his drawings displayed a remarkable skill that hinted at the artistic journey ahead. However, it was not until the age of 18 that he embarked on a passionate journey into painting, setting his sights on a future adorned with colors and creativity.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity and a desire to explore the uncharted realms of art, Leopold dedicated himself to the craft. His canvas became a world of endless possibilities, and he eagerly sought to uncover the hidden depths of his artistic potential.

Leopold's artistic education took shape under the guidance of Zare Faiçal, an accomplished artist from Burkina Faso. Here, he laid the foundation for his artistic language, learning not only the techniques of painting but also the soulful nuances of visual storytelling.

His pursuit of excellence led him to further refine his craft through various courses and workshops conducted in Ouagadougou. Leopold was a self-taught artist, believing that true mastery emerges from the daily discipline of creating art, be it in the solitude of his home or amidst the wisdom of seasoned mentors.

In the year 2000, Leopold made his artistic debut on a global stage, showcasing his work at the prestigious Cairo International Biennale in Egypt. This marked the beginning of a journey that would see his art transcend borders, captivating audiences far and wide.

Today, D Leopold Segueda stands as a beacon of artistic prowess, with a portfolio that spans numerous group and solo exhibitions, both on a national and international scale. His creations have found a cherished place in private collections around the world, a testament to the universal resonance of his art.

For Leopold, each stroke of the brush, each blend of color, is a reflection of Burkina Faso's soul—a vivid portrayal of its stories, its culture, and its spirit. Through his art, he invites us all to partake in this journey, to witness the beauty of his homeland, and to celebrate the shared human experience.

D Leopold Segueda's canvases are more than just painted images; they are gateways into the heart of Burkina Faso, woven with passion, stories, and the vibrant hues of life. His art is a bridge connecting hearts and cultures, inviting us to see the world through the prism of Burkina Faso's rich artistic heritage.

Exhibition FIAN (International Festival of Naïve Art), Guarabira (Brazil);
Individual exhibition Galerie Saga, Lille (France);
Group exhibition "the 3 naive people of West Africa", Medina Gallery, Bamako (Mali);

Exhibition at the Burkin'art festival, Villeneuve les Avignon;

International Exhibition of Contemporary Art from Africa (Morocco);
Dakar Biennial Off at the Siss Gallery (Senegal);
International Exhibition of Naïve Art in Saumur (France);

Barclays' Bank George V PARIS 8eme ADEP AND ARKaval;

Dak'art Off at the Gemaps gallery (Senegal) Individual exhibition at the Nou'art gallery (France);
International Biennial of Naïve Arts (Ivory Coast);

Arts en Vrac, Salies de Béarn (France);
7th Jeux de la Francophonie Nice (France);

Sam'Africa, Samatan (France);
Arts en vrac, Salies de Béarn (France);
Africajarc, Cajarc (France);
Tourist office of Grenade (France);
Dak'art Biennial (Senegal);

Group exhibition at Tsé-tsé Art Gent (Belgium);
International Festival of Verneuil d'Arts Naïf (France) 4th Salon Trans'Arts Cogolin Golfe de St-Tropez (France);
3rd International Festival of Katowice (Poland);

Festival on the Niger in Segou (Mali);
Individual exhibition at the Taweydo gallery (Niger);

Individual exhibition at the Delaly gallery (Mali);

Cairo Biennial (Egypt).

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