"Dialogues with the Soul": A Conversation with Paulo Formiga, Angolan Visual Artist

"Dialogues with the Soul": A Conversation with Paulo Formiga, Angolan Visual Artist

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the latest "Dialogues with the Soul" collection, discovering how every brushstroke and line drawn by Paulo Formiga not only captures the essence of Angolan life, but also speaks to the hearts of our collectors. Through Formiga's own words, we gain precious insights into his inspiration, technique and the emotional journey that is art.

Who is Paulo Formiga?
A self-taught visual artist proud of my Angolan roots. My journey in the arts is marked by self-discovery and the continuous development of a style that is both a reflection of my country and my personal vision of the world.

Art According to Paulo
I define myself as a passionate 'Maker', always seeking uniqueness in my themes and techniques. For me, art is a constant search for new forms of expression and innovation.

Selection for Afrikanizm
Afrikanizm represented a unique opportunity for me. Firstly, because of the similarities with my themes and the valorisation of Africanness. Secondly, because it's a channel that allows me to take my art to the world, valuing every stroke I put on canvas.

Inspiration behind "Dialogues with the Soul"
Women, especially African women, are my greatest inspiration. Their unique beauty and distinctive features are, for me, perfect references that capture years of analysis and admiration.


Techniques and materials
I used synthetic paint as a base and markers to build models, create details and finalise the pieces. This combination allowed for a unique and vibrant expression in each piece.

Relation to previous work
This collection represents a new milestone in my artistic career, a bridge between my past legacy and the future I am moulding. Each work is a reflection of my evolution, an ongoing conversation with the themes and techniques I have explored over the years. Although closely linked to my previous creations, 'Dialogues with the Soul' is a declaration of growth and a window into the maturation of my artistic expression.

Expectations for the Collection
I hope that viewers will react with enthusiasm and become true appreciators of the themes I explore. I want my art to resonate with them on a deep and personal level.

Reflection of the Social and Cultural Context
My works are a tribute to the appreciation of culture and respect for women. They are an expression of my vision of the respect and care they deserve.

Message Through Art
My messages are diverse, but most of them revolve around self-worth and acceptance, especially among women with different standards of beauty from those traditionally found in Africa.

A Meaningful Artwork
Windows of the Soul' is particularly meaningful to me. It's expressive, charged with emotion and talks about the depth of feelings and emotions through the gaze.

The Future and More Works
I'm designing more works related to this collection, guided by the interest of my audience. The future holds more competence, professionalism and evolution in the techniques I've already been presenting.

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