The scream of the environment

Don Ruelas

342 000 AOA

Painting, Photo on Paper

Size: 53 W x 73 H cm / 21 W x 29 H in

Ships in a tube

About The Artwork

Environmental prevention:
What to do to live in this land of humans? Is it to be President of the Republic? To be a
minister? To be a diplomat? To be a member of parliament? To be a military authority? To
be an ecclesiastical authority? To be a strong man? To be married or single? To be a
woman? To have many diplomas? To have vast experience in some speciality? To have
many wives? To have many children? To have a lot of wealth? The answer is NO.
Look around you and take a good look! What do you see?
Today, the whole world covers half of his face, man wants to live on this earth for a long
time, distrusting his fellow human beings because of Covid 19, preferring to live in an
unhealthy environment, the unhealthy becoming his best friend.
In the same way, death is always on our side. It's not just the coronavirus that kills, but dirt
also kills faster than Covid-19, as it is the source of many more and various diseases.
To be healthy and live long in this land of Humans, you need to clean up your living
space. That's why the statement "A healthy body in a healthy environment" is justified.
Text written by Don Ruelas

Originally created: 2021
Subject: Social
Material: Paper
Medium: Photo and painting
Styles: Abstract Expressionism

Details & Dimensions

Mixed Media: Painting on photo on paper
Original: One-of-a-kind Artwork
Size: 53 W x 73 H cm
Frame: Not Framed
Ready to Hang: Not applicable
Packaging: Ships in a tube

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Don Ruelas' art is characterised by a dynamic of bright colours and engagement with
urban and socio-political themes that lead us to reflect on African identity and global
culture. Ruelas' works often depict urban landscapes and human figures intertwined with
textual elements, creating several layers of stories that invite viewers to explore complex
interactions between space, identity and memory.

Don Ruelas


Don Ruelas

Don Ruelas, born in Luanda, Angola, is a pivotal figure in the realm of contemporary African art. A founding member of several artistic collectives, Ruelas has been instrumental in shaping the art scene from the Nationalists group in the mid-1990s to the more recent Koop Arte and Two in One collaborations. His journey in art took him from Luanda to the Netherlands, where from 2000 to 2021, he immersed himself in advanced studies in Media Art and Technology, alongside various courses in plastic arts, enriching his skills and artistic vision.

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