Thó Simões


"The streets gave me fame and notoriety. The Leba
in particular and the walls I've painted with murals around Luanda and Angola have introduced me to the world. I love doing things in the streets, especially when my works have a positive impact and inspire.


Thó Simões

Thó Simões, born in Malanje, Angola, in 1973, is a multidisciplinary artist based in Luanda. A graduate of the National Institute for Artistic and Cultural Training (INFAC), his artistic career is marked by a plastic versatility that combines the symbolism of ancestral Angolan cultures with the language of contemporary urban art.

From an early age, Thó Simões showed a passion for graffiti, saying that one day he would be a graffiti artist. His skills on the streets have earned him fame and notoriety, especially through the Leba Murals and other works scattered around Luanda and throughout Angola.

Thó Simões has participated in several solo and group exhibitions, both inside and outside Angola. He has a special love for creating art in the streets, where his works have the power to positively impact and inspire those who see them.

ARCO Lisboa - May 22 - Lisbon / Portugal

Between Monsters and Men - March 2021 - Luanda / Angola

Latitude Festival - June 2020 - Salvador-Bahia / Brazil

ARCO Lisboa - March 2020 - Lisbon / Portugal

Vila Sul Digital Residence - May 2020 Salvador-Bahia / Brazil;

Fuckin' Globo VI - March 2020 - Luanda / Angola

FRIDAY 13TH - December 2019 - Lisbon / Portugal

ARCO Lisboa Millenium Art Talks - May 2019 Lisbon /

Fuckin' Globo V - December 2018 - Luanda / Angola

Luxembourg Art Fair - December 2018 / Luxembourg

Foto Festival Schiedam - October 2018 Schiedam / Netherlands

Exchange - October 2018 - Schiedam / Netherlands

Congolandia - September 2018 - Luanda / Angola

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