Marley Nkosi


"The works of Marley Nkosi seek to explore the various musical rhythms of Angola, as well as the beauty of the African woman, with emphasis on the Angolan woman. "


Marley Nkosi

Manuel Nkosi, widely known as Marley Nkosi, was born on April 21, 1987, in Uíge, Angola, and he is a gifted visual artist. His deep-rooted passion for drawing and painting first emerged during his adolescence, and he embarked on his artistic journey by immersing himself in the world of comics.

Marley Nkosi's dedication to honing his artistic talents led him to pursue formal academic training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa, a crucial step in his artistic development. Upon completing his studies, he gained valuable experience and exposure by participating in various group exhibitions, notably at the Halle de La Gombe in 2006.

Upon his return to Angola, Marley Nkosi continued to make significant contributions to the art scene. He was part of a live collective exhibition at UNAP, which featured the work of prominent artists such as Bolondo, Cristiano Mangovo, Patrício Mawete, Mumpasi Meso, and Adão Mussungo.

Marley Nkosi's artistic journey has been marked by his participation in numerous collective and individual exhibitions, both within Angola and on the international stage. His work serves as a testament to his creative vision and dedication to the world of visual arts.


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