Joselyna Pemba


"The presence of the skeleton in his fantastic universe highlights what is essential in life, symbolising virtues that are the last bastion of life and can lead to rebirth. "


Joselyna Pemba

Joselina Pemba, born in Angola on 12 December 1990, is a multidisciplinary visual artist known for the quality and aesthetic richness of her work, which receives recognition both nationally and internationally. After studying Artistic Humanity at the Institute of Fine Arts, she obtained her degree in Visual Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa in 2012.

A member of several collectives, including the FORMOGAS collective, FUNDAÇÃO RUI DE MATOS, Associação Jovens Artistas do Futuro, União dos Artistas Angolanos (UNAP), Art com Expo Associação Internacional de Artistas e Parceiros, and Coletivo de Mulheres Brasil / Nação Indigena / África, Pemba has a unique vision of society, reflected in her work.

Her art is satirical poetry with an exceptional contemporary aesthetic. Using a mixed technique of collage on acrylic, she portrays fantastic characters with funny, playful, childlike and mythical aspects. Through these representations, she expresses the social realities of her time, often using ants and insects as personified metaphors.

Pemba creates a ghostly universe populated by fabulous beings, associating them with the skeletal human form to give them a sociological and mythological sense of rebirth and reincarnation. His work emphasises the necessary balance between the infinitely small world and the infinitely large world, a balance that is currently under threat.

In addition to his ecological message, Pemba moralises and sensitises his contemporaries, following in the tradition of African storytellers and Jean de la Fontaine. His ghostly characters revolve around concepts and values such as love, discipline, kindness, humility, respect and fraternity, rescuing virtues that tend to disappear in today's consumer society.

The presence of the skeleton in his fantastic universe highlights what is essential in life, symbolising virtues that are the last bastion of life and can lead to rebirth. In short, Joselina Pemba's work, with its mixed technique of collage and acrylic, gives her artistic expressions an exceptional and contemporary stylistic character.

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