Atiye Afolabi


"I paint relief and tranquility with low-key landscapes and bold figures. "


Atiye Afolabi

Atiye Afolabi is a distinguished Nigerian visual artist renowned for his exceptional work primarily in the medium of oil painting. His artistic journey has been characterized by a profound exploration of visual storytelling through the richness of the oil medium.

Afolabi's educational foundation in fine art was established at the prestigious Yaba College of Technology, where he honed his artistic skills and developed his creative perspective. To further refine his craft and deepen his artistic insights, he pursued a course in visual art at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. This comprehensive academic background laid the groundwork for his future artistic endeavors.

Throughout his artistic journey, Afolabi had the privilege of studying under the mentorship of esteemed artists Yusuf Durodola and Damilola Opedun. Their guidance and expertise contributed significantly to his growth as an artist, allowing him to harness his unique artistic voice.

Afolabi's artistry is characterized by its ability to evoke feelings of relief and tranquility. His works often feature low-key landscapes and bold, expressive figures that captivate the viewer's senses and invite contemplation. This distinctive approach to painting showcases his mastery of the oil medium and his commitment to conveying narratives through art.

Currently residing and practicing his art in Lagos, Nigeria, Afolabi continues to captivate audiences with his compelling and emotionally resonant works of art. His contributions to the world of visual art have solidified his position as a celebrated figure in the Nigerian art scene and beyond.


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