WEB SUMMIT 2022: Are these NFTs?! No. This is Real Art! - Afrikanizm

WEB SUMMIT 2022: Are these NFTs?! No. This is Real Art!


Web Summit is an annual technology conference, held in Lisbon since 2016 and is considered one of the largest and most important technology events in the world.

The seventh edition kicked off last Tuesday, November 1, in Lisbon and lasted until Friday, November 4, counting this year with over 70,000 attendees, 2,630 'startups' and companies, 1,120 investors and 1,040 speakers.

This year Afrikanizm participated for the first time, as a social impact startup, where it had the opportunity to have a booth and make a pitch at the "Startup Showcase" on the third day of the event.

" Are they NFTs?" was the most asked question by visitors passing by Afrikanizm's booth. Attracted by the logo and an unusual product at a tech fair like Web summit, visitors couldn't believe that there was a platform selling real, original and one of a kind art from Africa, without resorting to the famous NFTs.

Afrikanizm was recognized as a unique, inspiring project because of its goal - The real representation and promotion of Contemporary African Art.

No. This is not NFTs, this is Real Art.


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