The intentionality in the character of the African woman by Inês Florido. - Afrikanizm

The intentionality in the character of the African woman by Inês Florido.

Inês Florindo, curator of Afrikanizm Art made a selection of 11 works that portray the intentionality in the character of African women in African art.

Learn about the concept and narrative behind this selection. The selected works can be found in Afrikanizm Art's online gallery as well as in the curator Inês Florindo's profile.

The concept of the intentionality of the character of African women represented in contemporary African artworks is an approach that aims to capture and convey the diversity, strength and complexity of African women's experiences through art. This intentional representation aims to challenge stereotypes and prejudices, as well as reaffirm the identity and weight of African women in society.

In various contemporary African artworks, many artists seek to portray African women in authentic and multifaceted ways by highlighting their histories, culture, struggles and triumphs. These intentional representations often explore issues such as feminism, female empowerment, cultural identity, race, ancestry and the intersections between gender and other forms of oppression.

Contemporary African artists often use a variety of media and techniques to express their vision depicting the intentionality of African women's character. In addition, many artists work in collaboration with African women themselves, thus seeking to involve them in the creative process and ensure that their voices are heard.

The intentional representation of the character of African women in contemporary African artworks plays an important role in constructing alternative narratives and combating negative stereotypes and distorted images that have historically been associated with African women. This provides a grassroots platform for individual and collective expression of African women, promoting gender equality, appreciation of cultural diversity and celebration of African identity.

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