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Is There Art with More Identity than African Art?!

I have been in love with African art since I was a child. The sculptures made with blackwood, the paintings worked with the most varied mediums and the masks! The masks that differ from tribe to tribe and that each one carries years of history and symbolism of a people.

Contemporary African art could be no different, and there is a growing connection. If we all look closely there is always some characteristic that is common to us. There is always something that takes us on a journey of emotions, of empathy, of nostalgia.

It was during the 1970s that contemporary African art grew. After many colonised countries regained their independence, freedom of expression, as well as a sense of patriotism ended up being reflected in the visual arts. Moreover, with globalisation, new styles, ideas and means of communication emerged.

Today, natural materials and the world around him are the necessary tools for his works, serving also, as inspiration. Traditional patterns and habits create a strong sense of Africanness.

Contemporary African Art is undoubtedly Art with IDENTITY!


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