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Afrikanizm Art on Seedstars' programme

Laura Leal, co-founder of Afrikanizm, was one of those selected to join Seedstars' Enhancing Women Entrepreneurship for Africa programme.

The Seedstars "Enhancing Women Entrepreneurship for Africa" programme aims to empower women entrepreneurs in Africa by providing them with the tools, resources and mentorship needed to succeed in their businesses. The programme recognises the challenges that women entrepreneurs in Africa face, such as limited access to capital, networks and mentorship. The programme therefore seeks to address these challenges by providing a support network for African women entrepreneurs to thrive. The programme offers a wide range of benefits to its participants, including access to mentorship and training by experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts, as well as providing opportunities to network and collaborate with other women entrepreneurs in Africa, helping to foster a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Laura's participation in the programme will undoubtedly bring significant benefits not only to her, but also to Afrikanizm.

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