Carmon X Rómulo Santa Rita: Building a Future for Angola with Art

Carmon X Rómulo Santa Rita: Building a Future for Angola with Art

As part of the celebrations for the 15th anniversary of Carmon, a leading infrastructure construction company in Angola, an artistic collaboration with Afrikanizm Art came to life.

This encounter between art and industry resulted in a work by Rómulo Santa Rita, which not only captures the essence of Angola but also pays tribute to Carmon's innovative vision.


"Building Future for Life" - A Work that Transcends Barriers

"Building Future for Life" by Rómulo Santa rita

"Building Future for Life", 175 x 165 cm, painting and drawing on road signs; acrylic, solid materials, concrete and spray paint

This artwork by Rómulo is an artistic manifestation that defies convention. By using materials recovered from Carmon construction sites, such as road signs and concrete, the artist creates a bridge between art and construction. These materials, usually seen as rustic and industrial, are transformed into an expression of beauty and meaning that represents Angola's strength and resilience.


A New Era for Carmon and Angola

The collaboration with Afrikanizm is part of a rebranding strategy by Carmon, under the leadership of its new CEO, a visionary Angolan woman. This move symbolizes a commitment to innovation, transparency and expansion beyond the traditional boundaries of construction. Santa Rita's work aligns perfectly with this new chapter, which incorporates themes of development, modernity and respect for Angolan traditions.


More than Building Roads: Building Futures

Carmon, known for its large structures such as roads and bridges, is now expanding its focus to urban, residential and leisure projects. In addition, the company is committed to education and progress in Angola by investing in the training of Angolan engineers. The Santa Rita work, therefore, is not only an artistic celebration, but also a symbol of Carmon's role in building a more accessible and prosperous country.


Innovation, Connection and Development

These three words define the work "Building Future for Life". The artist, with his unique approach that incorporates elements such as solar panels and unconventional materials, reflects on the impact and meaning of Carmon's works. The work is a "poetry of concrete", where the hardness of the materials meets the social and human purpose of the buildings.

Carmon, materials for artwork


Celebration and Legacy

The commemorative serigraphs were gifted to key figures in Carmon's history, while the original work was auctioned off, with the proceeds going to support educational initiatives. In this way, Santa Rita's art not only celebrates Carmon's past and present, but has also contributed to building a better future for Angola.


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