The Sin


4,080,789.27 AOA

Painting, Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 90 W x 110 H cm / 35 W x 43 H in

Ships in a tube 

About The Artwork

Originally created: 2023
Subject: Women
Materials: Canva
Medium: Acrylic
Style: Symbolism

Details & Dimensions

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas
Original: One-of-a-kind Artwork
Size: 90 W x 110 H cm
Frame: Not Framed
Ready to Hang: Not applicable
Packaging: Ships in a tube

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In this painting, we see a woman depicted in a moment of contemplation, her hand delicately poised to grasp an apple. The scene resonates with echoes of Eve's timeless narrative, as she, too, grappled with temptation in the Garden of Eden. The woman's expression is one of both curiosity and trepidation, her eyes perhaps reflecting the weight of the decision before her. Wrapped around her shoulders, like a silent observer, is a serpent—a subtle yet poignant nod to the biblical story. The apple, illuminated by a soft, ethereal light, serves as a focal point, symbolizing not only knowledge and temptation but also the inherent complexities of human nature. The composition is rich with symbolism, inviting viewers to ponder the timeless themes of innocence, temptation, and the pursuit of knowledge.




His works, influenced by the traditions of the Chokwe people, with whom he lived for four years, question Western narratives of art history. With a unique and colourful style, he combines drawing, painting and collage to explore black imagery and reveal traditional spiritual richness. Casca sees art as a form of free and critical expression, capable of revealing profound truths and dialoguing against obscurantism.

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