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Masai I

Bless Aine


Painting, Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 90 W x 110 H cm / 35 W x 43 H in

Ships in a tube 

About The Artwork

Originally created: 2023
Subject: African Culture
Material: Canvas
Medium: Acrylic
Styles: Figurativism, Portraiture

Details & Dimensions

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas
Original: One-of-a-kind Artwork
Size: 90 W x 110 H cm
Frame: Not Framed
Ready to Hang: Not applicable
Packaging: Ships in a tube

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Typically 5-7 business days for domestic shipments
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"Masai I is a captivating artwork featuring a strong and resilient Masai lady. Inspired by the power of water, I used a dominant blue color palette to represent calmness, fluidity, and transformation. The artwork celebrates the profound impact of water on sustaining life and fostering growth, highlighting its significance in the Masai culture. Through the artwork, viewers are invited to reflect on the harmonious connection between the Masai people and
water and to contemplate its role as a source of empowerment, rejuvenation, and cultural identity. Masai I captures the essence of the Masai community deep connection to water and its profound impact on their lives and heritage."

Bless Aine


Bless Aine

Aine Jovial Hirwa, better known as Bless Aine, was born and raised in Rwanda, where his artistic journey began at an early age. For Bless Aine, art is not just a form of expression; it is a means of leaving a lasting legacy. Through his work, he aims to transcend time, transporting humanity's emotions, dreams and aspirations into the future. Through his art, he seeks to connect with others, building bridges between cultures.

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