Tapa Donatien


"I want to give a visual identity about the reconnection to African traditions in relation to modernity, which is a subject less understood and evoked by young people in our locality. I want to question the subject of cultural identity as it is perceived today."


Tapa Donatien

In Born in 1997 in the West region of Cameroon, Tapa Donatien lives and works in the City of Nkongsamba.

His interest in the visual arts began very early in his childhood, parallel to secondary school, where he participated in development workshops before later enrolling in a development school.

Graduated in plastic arts and art history at the Institute of Fine Arts of the University of Douala located in Nkongsamba Cameroon.

His physical work breathes from one medium to another, in this case painting, sculpture and drawing; With metamorphosis as the object of study, he is currently dealing in his new project with themes related to questions about collective identity, addressing topics related to reconnection to African culture and traditions in relation to the change of time and the influence of Western Modernity on cultural and traditional practices in Africa. He was notably inspired by artists such as Jean Michel Basquiat, Kehinde Wiley and Ousmane Show.

In addition to residences and workshops, he participates in several events and collective exhibitions. On several occasions he was a finalist for the Goethe discovery prize.

Today, he explores other mediums such as video art, installation and sculpture.

Effervescence, Aka gallery, douala Cameroon
Young hopefuls, free academy of fine arts, douala cameroon
Night of ideas, bandjoun station, Cameroon
Art 2020, doual'art, Cameroon.
Abstraction doual'art Cameroon.
Bali art market, Cameroon


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