Samuel Akinrujomu


"He challenge us to question the status quo and redefine understanding of beauty, identity, and belongings "


Samuel Akinrujomu

Samuel Abiodun Akinrujomu ( b.1995) is a contemporary visual artist based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Samuels passion for creating art developed at a young age, drawing inspiration from nature and his surrounding. He holds an HND in Art and Design (painting) from the prestigious Yaba college of technology (2019).

Samuel artistic style is influenced by realistic impressionism. His work is characterized by the ability to portray action and capture the essence of social issues. He focuses on expressing the lives of everyday people and Africa diaspora, particularly exploring black identity. His art delve into the depths of human experience, capturing both beauty and struggles that we all face. He uses materials such as acrylic, charcoal, oil pastel , and black paint markers to celebrate the beauty of blackness in his paintings.

In his artwork, Samuel incorporate element of his Yoruba culture, including the use of adire batik diamond patterns and the interpretation of pain, beauty, and cultural identity. Through the juxtaposition of subjects and backgrounds, he metaphorically explores how our environment influence us as humans. Through his use of expensive brush strokes, vibrant colors, and thought- provoking subject matter, Samuel create a visual narrative that resonate with the viewers on a profound level. His vibrant use of colour evokes a sense of vitality and energy, drawing his viewers into a world where emotions are palpable. Through his art, Samuel tell stories of resilience, hope, and the power of the human spirit. His subjects, often everyday people become vessels for profound narrative that touch on themes of social justice, mental health, masculinity, feminism and cultural identity.

Samuels main objective as an artist is to capture the inner essence and address topics as mental health issues, masculinity, feminism, societal norms. With each piece, Samuel invite us to embark on a journey of self - discovery and introspection. His art serves as a mirror, reflecting our own triumphs and struggles, and inspiring us to embrace our authentic selves. Through his unique perspective and artistic prowess. He challenge us to question the status quo and redefine understanding of beauty, identity, and belongings

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