Osifeso Ezekiel


"I'm currently exploring the use of limited palette and semi-finished portraits to tell stories of Africa and young Africans. This series I call "the unfinished business"."


Osifeso Ezekiel

Osifeso Ezekiel, born on August 15, 1992, in Ikeja, Lagos, is a talented Nigerian artist hailing from Ogun State. His artistic journey began early in life and was nurtured by his supportive parents who recognized his passion for art.

Ezekiel's formal education led him to the University of Lagos, where he pursued a degree in Visual Arts within the creative art department, a significant chapter in shaping his artistic identity. To further refine his skills and understanding of art, he embarked on an internship at the Estúdios Universais de Arte, a pivotal experience that influenced his artistic style, medium choices, and philosophy.

Throughout his artistic development, Ezekiel's work has undergone notable transformations. His early works exhibited elements of Fauvism and Expressionism, influenced by artists like Edosa Oguigo and Sam Ebohon. This phase was marked by a monochrome approach due to limited materials. One of his notable series during this period was "Societal Scribbles," which he exhibited at venues like Mydrim Gallery and The Conversation at Aso Rock, Abuja, organized by Relé Gallery.

During his internship, Ezekiel reintroduced color to his art, adopting a Fauvist and Impressionist approach. He continued to evolve, transitioning into Impressionist-Realism, characterized by vivid colors and energetic brushwork. His art was showcased at various exhibitions, including Mydrim Gallery's "Generations" (Future Master Series) and Thought Pyramid's "Next of Kin."

Ezekiel's artistic exploration then led him to the "Clown Series," where he incorporated clown characteristics into the faces of ordinary people, using satire to narrate contemporary realities.

In his current phase, Ezekiel focuses on utilizing a limited palette and semi-finished portraits to tell the stories of Africa and its youth, aptly titled "the unfinished business."

Osifeso Ezekiel now resides and practices his art in Ibafo, Ogun State, Nigeria, continuing to push boundaries and evolve his artistic expression.

2018 - "Next of Kin", Thought Pyramid's
2017 - 2019 - "Generations" (Future master series), Mydrim Gallery's;
2017 - "Young Contemporary Exhibition", Rele Gallery;
2016 - "Affordable Art Show", Mydrim Gallery, Nigeria;
2016 - "The Conversation Exhibition", Relé Gallery, Aso Rock, Abuja;

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