Neemias Kiala


"African masks are extremely important cultural elements for the various peoples of Africa. "


Neemias Kiala

Neemias Kiala Lupitisa, born on July 6, 1993, in Maquela do Zombo, Uíge, discovered his passion for painting at the tender age of eight, inspired by a cousin who was already an artist.

His formal art education led him to the "Institute of Fine Arts of Kinshasa," where he honed his skills and learned the intricate technique of metal engraving.

In 2016, Neemias returned to Angola, where he faced challenges in pursuing his artistic career. He briefly worked at an advertising company, where he was introduced to the world of street art.

A turning point in his artistic journey occurred in 2017 when he crossed paths with the renowned visual artist Guilherme Mampuya, who invited him to become part of his studio. Under Mampuya's mentorship, Neemias not only refined his existing skills but also ventured into new techniques, such as charcoal on canvas and oil pastel chalk, which are integral to his current artistic practice.

During his time at Guilherme Mampuya's studio, Neemias developed a deep appreciation for African tribal art, particularly traditional African masks. His work now serves as a tribute to Angolan and African culture, reflecting his profound connection to this rich heritage.

Neemias has actively participated in numerous collective and individual exhibitions, where his unique artistic voice continues to evolve and resonate with audiences. His commitment to preserving and celebrating African culture remains at the forefront of his creative endeavors.


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