Munyaneza Henry


"By using art as a medium to communicate important messages, he hopes to create a positive impact on society and inspire others to pursue their own creative passions. "


Munyaneza Henry

Munyaneza Henry is Rwandan artist who uses his passion for storytelling to create captivating paintings that evoke emotion and inspire change.

After studying at the Nyundo School of Art and graduating with distinction in 2019, he started working as a graphic designer. However, his true passion was to create figurative paintings that could convey powerful messages and tell compelling stories.

Inspired by his own experiences and the curious questions young people often ask themselves, he began creating art with a purpose. His projects explore themes of mental health, personal growth, and the history of African ancestry, with the aim of inspiring and motivating the community.

By using a vibrant palette of colours and dynamic brushstrokes, his paintings are a celebration of life and the human spirit. They capture the essence of the human experience and inspire viewers to look within themselves and find their own path to success and freedom.

With his unique talent and dedication to his craft, Munyaneza is sure to leave a lasting impression on the art world and beyond.

- A Group Exhibition called " Heritage" in Kigali-Rwanda (2023)
- A group Exhibition Called "Peace and Humanity" in Ibadan - Nigeria (2023)
-Tour of a solo Exhibition Called "I chose to be BLACK" in Ibadan - Nigeria (2023)
- A Solo Exhibition called “ The Pages Of Pain” in Kigali - Rwanda (2023)
- A Solo Exhibition called “ The Anglican art series” in kigali - Rwanda (2023)
- A Solo Exhibition called “ I Chose to be BLACK” in kigali - Rwanda (2023)
- Tour of Duo Exhibition Called “FREEDOM” in Geneva - Switzland (2022).
- Duo Exhibition Caller ” FREEDOM“ in Kigali - Rwanda (2022)
- A solo Exhibition called “THE HEART OF TRINITY” in Kigali - Rwanda (2022)

Personal Projects
- Gusabika
- Deep in love
Opening Neza-H art Space in Kigali - Rwanda (2023)
Opening Neza-H art Studio in Kigali - Rwanda (2022)
Painting each sunday reading lecture for Great Bay Anglican Church in USA (2022).


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