"I’m passionate about exploring the new ways of creating and I’m drawn to the way that combining disparate elements can create something entirely new and unexpected."



Mugire is a mixed-media artist from Rwanda with a passion for creativity that emerged at an early age. Born and raised in Kigali, his artistic journey began during his early school years where he showed talent in watercolours, paints and papers, delighting everyone around him.

He further honed his skills and obtained a degree in graphic arts from Nyundo School of Arts, a crucial moment that set the course for his artistic career. Today, Mugire collaborates with reputable art galleries both in Rwanda and Belgium, gaining recognition for his exceptional talent.

As a mixed media artist, Mugire's works offer an interesting interaction of different materials and textures. His pieces are a testament to his enjoyment of experimentation and the blending of disparate elements to create unique and unexpected artistic masterpieces.

Inspired by the rich diversity of Rwandan culture and the beauty of everyday life, Mugire infuses his art with narratives that celebrate his heritage and the experiences of his ancestors. Through his compositions, Mugire connects the past and the present.

Mugire's artistic journey has not been without its challenges, but his resilience and passion have allowed him to overcome obstacles and push the boundaries of his creativity. His art continues to evolve, reflecting a deep connection to his roots and the world around him.


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