"People, community and ecology are important factors in my work, fueling my inspiration to paint, draw, create, express myself."



Dadee Andrianaivoson (a.k.a MoovMainty) is a self-taught visual artist, nomadic in his way of life.

His artistic journey took many directions, until he found a path for his visual expression.

Artist with a Rock past, musician, on tour in the cities of Madagascar, he developed a passion for the image and the visual arts, bringing him to photography, graphic design and video production.

MoovMainty likes to challenge. Become aware of what we are, of what we claim to be. The artist likes to experiment with different materials, different supports: cans, abandoned wooden planks, old fabrics, cardboard, digital. Everything is canvas. Everything can be the support of his art, of his expression. Dadee Andrianaivoson identifies with this wave of contemporary African artists inspired by recycl'art, collage. His works all have a psychedelic side. They are the result of a successive series of dots and lines forming a graphic design inviting a deeper contemplation of the work produced. The dominant black in his works is intended to recall his origins.

According to Dadee Andrianaivoson, his art is what heals him. He likens his work to his own therapy. His works come from his subconscious like a child who creates a world and imaginary characters. He draws, paints eyes, faces, masks because they reflect in him what he feels about society. Sometimes he adds a soundtrack or texts.

People, community and ecology are important factors in his work, fueling his inspiration to paint, draw, create, express himself.


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