"A central theme in De Sabbat Jerry's art is people. He sees them as powerful conduits through which he can share his thoughts and ideas with the world"



De Sabbat Jerry Dieu Force, born in 1999 in the city of Kigali, Rwanda, is a talented and passionate artist. From an early age, De Sabbat Jerry discovered his love for art and despite facing obstacles along the way, he persevered and grew as a self-taught artist.

Having grown up in an environment where art was not easily appreciated or encouraged, De Sabbat Jerry found it difficult to pursue a formal art education. However, his passion for art was unwavering and he dedicated himself to honing his skills through sheer determination and hard work. Without the resources of an art school or courses, he relied on his innate talent and his constant commitment to his art.

Through his art, De Sabbat Jerry has found a medium to express his deepest thoughts and emotions. He translates the complexities of his inner world into mesmerising arrangements of colours on canvas, creating captivating pieces that speak to the hearts of those who see them. Art has become his way of communicating with the world, allowing others to enter his world and experience the beauty of his thoughts and feelings.

A central theme in De Sabbat Jerry's art is people. He sees them as powerful conduits through which he can share his thoughts and ideas with the world. His artworks become windows to his soul, inviting viewers to connect with his emotions and understand the essence of his creative spirit.

De Sabbat Jerry Dieu Force has not only achieved personal growth and success through his art, but has also become an inspiration to others in similar circumstances. By demonstrating that passion, dedication and hard work can overcome obstacles, he has become a beacon of hope for aspiring artists in his community. De Sabbat Jerry's artistic journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of art and the ability to create a profound impact, transcending barriers and boundaries.

As his art continues to inspire and touch the lives of those who encounter it, De Sabbat Jerry Dieu Force's legacy as a talented and passionate artist from Rwanda will undoubtedly leave a lasting mark on the art world and beyond.

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