Eric Odartey Cruickshank


"My aim is to preserve and project black identity through the use of lines in my artworks."


Eric Odartey Cruickshank

Eric Odartey Cruickshank, known as "Lines Being," is a talented and self-taught artist hailing from Accra, Ghana, born in 2000. He currently pursues his education at Takoradi Technical University in Ghana's western region.

Eric possesses a remarkable creative flair and versatility in executing contemporary art across various media, from wet to dry. His primary objective is to preserve and amplify the essence of Black identity through the use of lines in his artistic creations. To him, each line has a distinct story to tell, whether it's thick, straight, curved, wavy, spiral, or even faint and broken. He firmly believes in the profound connection between lines and human figures, drawing inspiration from the intricate line patterns found on indigenous baskets used by his ancestors for domestic and traditional purposes.

For Eric, lines serve as a means to express mood and emotions, allowing him to convey powerful narratives through his art. He finds inspiration and guidance from renowned Ghanaian contemporary artist Amoako Boafo, who is based in Vienna, Austria.


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