"African daily life and its characters are C-kle's inspiration. With strong brushstrokes and strokes, I can represent my daily experience and the Ghanaian way of life."



Clement Laryea Martey, known in the art world as C-kle, a talented artist hailing from the vibrant heart of Ghana, born on June 15, 1982, in Accra.

C-kle's artistic journey is one that evolved organically and passionately. His formal education led him to study the theoretical aspects of art during his time as a Visual Art student in secondary school. However, it was the hands-on experience and apprenticeship in Fine Arts and Sculpture Design that would truly shape his artistic destiny. For five transformative years, he honed his craft under the guidance of a master artist.

Armed with the knowledge acquired both in the classroom and through his apprenticeship, C-kle embarked on a distinctive artistic path—one characterized by Impressionism, characterized by its signature rough strokes and bold brushwork. This artistic choice allowed him to infuse his work with vivid and dynamic expressions.

In 2009, C-kle took a significant step forward by sharing his creations with the world. His paintings, vibrant with the colors and narratives of Ghana, found their way into galleries and hotels, captivating the eyes and hearts of those who beheld them.

C-kle's artistry knows no bounds, as his work has transcended national borders to grace both national and international exhibitions. From captivating audiences in England to leaving an indelible mark in Taiwan, his art continues to travel the globe, weaving a tapestry of cultural richness and creative brilliance.

C-kle's canvases are not just a display of colors and strokes; they are windows into the soul of Ghana, showcasing its stories, traditions, and spirit. Through his art, he invites viewers on a journey, one that traverses landscapes, captures emotions, and celebrates life.

As an artist, C-kle's contributions to the world of art extend far beyond his canvas. He is a storyteller, a cultural ambassador, and a testament to the boundless power of creativity. Through his work, he reminds us that art knows no boundaries—it transcends language, culture, and geography.

So, whether you find yourself standing before one of his paintings in a gallery or encounter his art in a distant land, remember that C-kle's colors are more than pigments on canvas; they are a bridge connecting hearts and cultures, and an invitation to celebrate the beauty of Ghana and the world.


• Golden Tulip Hotel 4x

• Holiday Inn Hotel 2x

• Fiesta Royal Hotel

• The African Regent Hotel 10x

• Novotel Hotel

• La-Palm Royal Beach Hotel


• Artist Alliance Gallery

• World Bank (Ghana) 2x

• The Loom

• Accra Art Center Gallery

• African Market Gallery

• Afrikiko Gardens 3x

• Afua Sunderland Park

• Chaleworte Festival


• Parallax Art Fair in London

• Art Revolution Taipei in Taiwan


• Accra Mall 3x

• West Hills Mall

• A & C Mall 2x

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