Aragbada Steven


"I use colours and drawings as a medium of expression to document, freeze memories and moments for future reference which makes my art relatable also allows viewers connect more with my art. "


Aragbada Steven

Aragbada Steven is an accomplished visual artist, specializing in the expressive medium of painting. His journey as an artist has been a lifelong dream, stemming from his early childhood aspirations, and it continues to drive his creative pursuits today.

With a relentless desire for self-improvement and the exploration of new artistic concepts, Aragbada Steven thrives on collaboration with fellow artists. His educational journey in the realm of fine arts began with a National Diploma (N.D) in Fine Art, earned at The Polytechnic of Ibadan, where he honed his foundational skills. Eager to refine his craft further, he sought training at the Universal Studios of Art in Iganm, Lagos, Nigeria, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to artistic growth.

Aragbada Steven's dedication to his craft led him to pursue higher education at Obafemi Awolowo University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Fine Arts. Today, he is a full-time practicing studio artist, channeling his passion into a flourishing career.

His artistic oeuvre primarily revolves around capturing pivotal moments in the human experience, drawing inspiration from both historical periods, including colonial times, and contemporary life. Aragbada Steven's art celebrates the beauty and significance of black identity, proudly portraying Africans, the African diaspora, and individuals with brown skin. As a painter, he skillfully employs colors and drawings to convey his artistic message, documenting and immortalizing memories and moments for future generations. This approach allows viewers to establish a deep connection with his art, making it relatable and emotionally resonant.

Aragbada Steven's exceptional works have found their way into art galleries within Nigeria and beyond its borders. Private art collectors and art enthusiasts alike have recognized the unique appeal and cultural significance of his art, making his pieces highly sought after in the world of contemporary art.

2021 - "The experience" at Kokopeli art gallery lekki, Lagos Nigeria;
2021 - Art in medicine(Lagos) charity art exhibition;
2021 and 2022 - Obafemi Awolowo @60 art exhibition;
2019 - "So far" Obafemi Awolowo university;
2018 - Life in my city;
2017 and 2018 - My drim art fair Ikoyi Lagos;
2017 - Hotel Mural Project ( Sound Bar), ilorin, kwara state , Nigeria;
2017 - Mural Project "Ojuoluwa House”, Modomo, ile - ife, Osun state Nigeria;
2017 - Union bank art challenges first top 100 finalist exhibition;
2016 - Lagos @ 50 Mural Project ( Under Bridge National Stadium), national stadium bridge Surulere Lagos Nigeria;
2015 - Hotel Mural Project (Voyage Inn And Bar), Ojota, Lagos Nigeria;

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