Aladejare Ayodeji


"Sometimes I paint spherical heads that depict landscapes while other times surreal spaces and places, mostly based on my intuition and the personality of the model. In general, the spheres convey the beauty of people's existence that is being reflected in their heads."


Aladejare Ayodeji

Aladejare Ayodeji, renowned as the Spherical Artist, was born in 1995 in the culturally rich region of Ekiti state in southwestern Nigeria. He is a distinguished figurative realist painter whose work captivates viewers with its unique and thought-provoking style.

Ayodeji embarked on his artistic journey by pursuing a formal education in painting at the Art Education Department of Yaba College of Technology in Nigeria. His passion for art extends beyond his personal creations, as he is the co-founder of Ayowole Art Academy in Lagos. This academy serves as a haven for aspiring young artists, offering free art education to children and nurturing their talents in drawing and painting under his guidance.

At the core of Aladejare Ayodeji's artistic philosophy is the profound belief that people's thoughts, emotions, and stories are conveyed through their minds. These inner narratives, whether overt or concealed, have always served as a wellspring of inspiration for his creative endeavors. In his distinctive body of work, Ayodeji skillfully merges the contemporary with African tradition and history. His hallmark is the portrayal of figures with captivating "mirror ball" heads, which stands as a central theme in his artistry.

He explains, "In history, the spheres are known as Spheres of Light and have healing properties, capable of bestowing good luck and prosperity. Sometimes, I paint spherical heads that depict landscapes, while other times, I explore surreal spaces and places, largely guided by my intuition and the unique personality of the model. In essence, the spheres encapsulate the beauty of human existence, reflected through their enigmatic heads."

Aladejare Ayodeji's artistic talents have garnered recognition on both national and international stages. His works have found their place in numerous group exhibitions, attesting to the universal appeal and deep resonance of his artistry.

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