Adilson Vieira


"I believe I have the gift of capturing the essence of every look... every face I paint is a part of my story"


Adilson Vieira

Born in Luanda on January 4, 1991, Adilson Vieira began to manifest his interest in painting at the age of 4. But as the plastic arts were not, in his adolescence, seen as a profitable area of activity, his parents preferred that he dedicated himself to a more traditional education, opting then for a computer course.

Already in 2016, he begins to live more closely with the arts, "which works like a magic wand that rekindles his passion". "It was then that I began to practice and develop in the fine arts, with friends, taking advantage of their experience to improve my technique. I was reading books and watching video lessons on the different aspects of the plastic arts, until, in 2018, a first invitation to participate in the Entrepreneurship Fair appeared, where I was able to exhibit some of my works."

In 2020, on 8 August, he held his first exhibition at the Tamar Golan Gallery, entitled "Experiences of an apprentice".

Currently, Adilson has been standing out in the Angolan and Portuguese market as an artist who manages to capture the essence of each portrait he does, on commission, and who manages to take viewers, with his works, on a journey full of emotions, nostalgia and memories.


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