Adewole Damola


"My works involve the overlapping of different techniques, styles and infusion of objects in order to tell stories of an individual or an adventure, challenging the propriety of culture or lifestyle with the use of predominantly female figures."


Adewole Damola

Adewole Afeez Damola, a contemporary representative visual artist, was born on May 18th in the vibrant city of Ibadan, Nigeria. He currently resides and practices his artistry in Lagos, Nigeria.

In his creative journey, Damola primarily employs acrylic on canvas as his medium of expression. While this serves as his current artistic canvas, he harbors aspirations to venture into other mediums in the future, broadening the horizons of his creative exploration.

Damola's works are a fascinating blend of diverse techniques and styles, often infused with objects to weave captivating narratives of individuals or adventures. His art has a distinct focus on challenging cultural norms and lifestyles, with a predominant theme of female figures. Through his art, he questions the propriety of culture and lifestyle, inviting viewers to ponder and reflect.

Remarkably, Damola's artistic prowess arises from a family with no prior artistic background, making his journey all the more remarkable.

As an artist, he has received formal training and holds a Higher Diploma from the prestigious Yaba College of Technology in Yaba, Lagos. This institution has played a pivotal role in nurturing his artistic talents.

In his artistic philosophy, Damola believes that art possesses the power to convey a wide spectrum of emotions, moods, and states of mind, much like the phonation of distinct feelings. For him, art serves as a medium to give voice to the otherwise voiceless expressions of the human experience.

Throughout his artistic journey, Adewole Afeez Damola had the privilege of learning from the renowned Akinola Ebenezer, whose mentorship continues to be a wellspring of inspiration for his creative endeavors. With his master's guidance and his own unique vision, Damola's art promises to be a vivid and resonant exploration of human expression and cultural reflection.


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