Joseph Eze


"My works tends to examine, among many others, themes like identity, nostalgia and stereotype."


Joseph Eze

Joseph Eze, born in 1975, is a renowned artist who embarked on his artistic journey by completing his art school program in 2002 at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. Following his formal education, he established his studio, ISINKA, located in Lagos, Nigeria. For years, Joseph has passionately explored the realms of art, pushing boundaries and experimenting with various methods and mediums, including both conventional and found materials.

His art delves into multifaceted themes, often scrutinizing concepts such as identity, nostalgia, and stereotype. Joseph's creative expressions have found a home in numerous exhibitions, including six solo showcases. He has also actively participated in art fairs, both within and outside Nigeria, further solidifying his presence in the global art scene.

Joseph Eze's work has garnered substantial recognition and a broad patronage base. His contributions to the art world extend to landmark exhibitions like "Textures," organized by Kent State University Museum, where one of his exceptional pieces has left a lasting impression.

2022 - Miami Art Fair


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